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All tiles available in various thickness and sizes. Lengths are also available in lanes. 

We can deliver all our tiles polished as well as honed


Afyon Violet M

Altintas Violet M Green Grey M
Light Beige Onyx Rosalia  Sugar M
Tigerskin M Travertin Dinizli Travertin regular-cut Dinizli Travertin cross-cut gestopt/gezoet
Yellow  Travertin cross-cut Suhut  Travertin Mugla Sugar Tigerskin A
Afyon Grey A Afyon Sugar A Afyon Violet A Afyon White
Afyon Yellowish Afyon Yellowish Violet Akhisar Beige Burdur Beige
Beige H Burdur Beige Burdur Beige getrommeld Mugla White
Rosalia Rosalia Light Travertin Walnut Travertin gestop/gezoet
Travertin gestop/gezoet 2 Travertin getrommeld Travertin Mix-red